Au Rosélia

Votre allié contre les intolérances alimentaires

Did you know that almost one in three Belgians suffers from food intolerance ?

Au Rosélia is based on this very simple observation:
the increase in various intolerances and the difficulty of finding quality products at affordable prices.

Located near Liège,

Au Rosélia is a workshop that offers healthy and local products dedicated to the fight against food intolerances: egg intolerance, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, carbohydrate intolerance…

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Finding such products can quickly become a challenge, but don't worry, I'm here to offer you valuable advice to ensure your well-being and help you in your daily life!

Why should you choose Au Rosélia ?

For the variety of products all in one place and the delivery available anywhere in Belgium and neighbouring countries !

What is the purpose of Au Rosélia ?

Quality and affordable products delivered throughout Belgium and elsewhere

Food intolerances can be a real burden.

What can I eat ? What products should I avoid ? What precautions should I take ?

Au Rosélia offers you alternative and concrete solutions.

Let me introduce you to our range of the best local and affordable products.


Dry goods

Pasta, flour, bread, tasty pastries, tortillas, sweets, cereals, dry biscuits, chocolates, pralines, crisps…


Frozen goods

Ice cream, ice cakes, ready meals...
To be collected on site in our workshop.


Healthy goods

Selection of balanced products for people who do not suffer from intolerances.

Contact me now !

My goal with Au Rosélia ?

Helping people in the same situation as me with products compatible with their food intolerances.


Hello, I'm Lisa.

My food intolerances happened overnight. For a long time, I have tried to find answers. I read a lot, consulted specialists in Liège and Louvain, watched documentaries to understand my problem and my body.

Today, I use my experience to help you find quality and affordable products, but also to answer your questions.

So it's decided: I'm taking the plunge with Au Rosélia. My own company located in Liège, which aims to gather a maximum of quality products in one place.

So don't hesitate and contact me now!

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